Solo Dances/Past into Present Presented by The Dance Centre

Past Project - 2 generations of Canadian artists in an evening of solo dance
December 3, to 17, 2020 online
The Scotiabank Dance Centre
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Duration 71 minutes

Woman Walking (away)

created with and commissioned by ML Albert - premieredin 1997 -  Kiss Project, Vancouver

Performer: Livona Ellis

Choreography: Peter Bingham

Music: KeinBoarischeer and Harlem in Brünn composed by Christof Dienz, performed by DieKnödel  

A journey of one, arriving or leaving, listening tomemory that is gently propelling what is next for her.  Inspired by the painting of the same name byMona Hamill.  



created with and commissioned by ML Albert – premieredin 1998 - Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver

Performer: VanessaGoodman

Choreography: Tedd Robinson

Costume: Vanessa's dress is from the 10 Gates Dancing Archives and was worn by MakoKawano in a duet with Tedd entitled Kurasango.

Music:  Songs of a Wayfarer – Gustav Mahler performedby Anne Sofie von Otter

A deeply intuitive and somewhat mysterious workthat transports performer and audience on an inquisitive journey, via the naïvelove and longing of Mahler’s Songs of a Wayfarer.


Trace Elements

Created with and commissioned by ML Albert -premiered 2000 – Norman Rothstein Theatre, Vancouver

Performer: RebeccaMargolick

Choreography: Allen Kaeja

Music: Germansby Myra Davies and Gudrun Gut

There is the wish for this re-imagined solo thatthis work of memory of persecution was just a source of history uncovered, butunfortunately with the rise of fascism and anti-Semitism world wide, it is as relevanttoday as it was 20 years ago.



Premiered 2016 - Dance Deck Trois, Vancouver

Performer: Livona Ellis

Choreography: Livona Ellis

Music and Text: Jasmine Sanchez Ziller

Imaginary limitations are often placed on ourselvesand when one sees a friend surpassing real challenges, you are given anopportunity to rethink the word ‘impossible’ and your relationship to theconcept. A tribute to my friend Jasmine Sanchez Ziller.



Premiered 2019 – Festival Cuerpo Al Descubierto,Mexico City

Performer: RebeccaMargolick

Choreography: RebeccaMargolick

Music: Nils Frahm

Memory experienced through the body andgenerations, this solo was influenced by my archival research on the women whoresided at the 92nd Y Residence and The Clara de Hirsch home for Working Girlsfrom 1899-1950 in New York City. Embodying and visualizing memories of these women,as well as my own.


Empreintes – Phase One of a Work-In-Progress

Reflecting a dance journey as a new Senior Citizen

 Performer: Mary-LouiseAlbert

Choreography: SergeBennathan


“Three of the solostonight by Tedd, Peter and Allen were created and performed during the last years of my professional dance career when I was between 41 and 45 years old.  Commissioned by me during this latter period of my dancing career, when I stopped dancing, these solos stoppedwith me. I was never interested in choreographing and I didn’t look back. I was ready and wanted to head into the next chapter of my working life which involved business school and ended with directing the Chutzpah! Festival/Norman Rothstein Theatre for 15 years.  BUT…over these past years, I have known it was not right to let these beautiful dances end with me and knew they needed to be revisited and given to Canadian dancers with the versatility and desire to develop, enjoy and share them. And so this journey began.

The artistic and intellectual curiosity, generosity, and talent that Livona, Vanessa and Rebecca bring to dance and in particular these works has been personally and professionally inspirational for me. Tedd, Peter, Allen and Serge’s understanding of and unwavering commitment to continue to explore their choreographic and performance artistry well into middle age quite frankly gave me the confidence that I too could continue to explore through dance in this next and final chapter of my life as a newly proud member of the senior citizen club!

And not to dwell on my age…in celebration of having two emerging female choreographers in this project and the importance of celebrating new choreographic voices, I am so pleased to include two additional solos performed and choreographed by Livona Ellis and Rebecca Margolick.”MLA

Presented by The Dance Centre and supported by BC Movement Arts Society; Canada Council for the Arts; BC Arts Council

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