lifeDUETS- Kaeja d'Dance

Allen Kaeja and Karen Kaeja
June 6, 7, 8, 9, 2024
Pt. McNiell (Gate House Theatre; Sointula (Athletic Hall); Alert Bay ('Namgis Lawrence Ambers Memorial Rec. Centre)

Lifelong partners, Karen and Allen Kaeja, share an intimate rendering of life together in dance and marriage.
Still dancing in their 60's, their duets embrace artistic excellence and the agelessness of life and love.

PORT MCNEILL - Gate House Theatre

THURSDAY, JUNE 6 - @ 7:30pm


SOINTULA - Athletic Hall

FRIDAY, JUNE 7 - @ 7:30pm

SOINTULA - Athletic Hall

SATURDAY, JUNE 8 - @ 7:30pm


SUNDAY JUNE 9 - @ 7:00pm


Call: 604.970.3206


Pt. McNeill online tickets visit:

$20 (Adults); $10 (14 to 18 yrs.) (children 13 and under free)

Kaeja d’Dance’s lifeDUETs are a duet commissioning series for Karen and Allen Kaeja’s lifelong creative and personal partnership.Many duets have toured across the world through Canada and to Spain, India, England, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela and Israel.


Karen and Allen will be performing two exquisite lifeDUETs - ‘Lasterday’ by choreography Hanna Kiel

and 25 to 1’ by choreographer Tedd Robinson.


·      Celebrating Karen and Allen’s seasoned artistry, choreographer Hanna Keil has created with Lasterday, a work filled with swagger, joy and the multifaceted complexity of relationships. Two individuals who carry different memories and perceptions of the same events from their past, delve into their relationship - sense of timeline, emotional impacts, and interactions throughout their life journey, revealing how they remember and interpret their shared history.

·      The late Tedd Robinson’s duet for Karen and Allen, ‘25 to 1’, is seeded in 25 positions of tenderness. ‘25 to 1’ is an intimate rendering of living life together in dance, the business and the art, sometimes invisibly supported by each other, other times directly in opposition, but always working within the safe shelter of a kiss.

**To end this beautiful evening of dance, each performance will end with community guests joining Karen and Allen onstage in an end-of-show movement celebration.


“Their merging feels part of their very DNA, reverberating at the cellular level” - Emma Doran, Dance Current

“Kaeja d’Dance disconnects the eyes from the mind, and re-wires them to the heart.” - Calgary Herald

“They kiss again and as they slide provocatively below the transparency of the mosquito netting, you think for once you really shouldn’t be watching this. But you can’t tear your eyes away”. - DeidraKelly, Critics At Large


Kaeja d’Dance creates original dance through the mediums of live performance, dance film, community integration, and education. Led by Co-Artistic Directors choreographers/dancers/filmmakers Karen and Allen Kaeja, the work bridges artistic excellence in professional dance and public engagement. Celebrating the universal qualities of everyday life, the focus is personal, socially relevant, relational, physical, imagistic, quirky, and sensual. Kaeja d’Dance has toured to India, Sweden, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Japan, England, Europe, the US and across Canada. With a passion for both process and outcome, our Company actively reinvents itself, while keeping their fundamental partner – our audiences - in close proximity!

Karen and Allen Kaeja, both award-winning choreographers and performers in stage and film, draw inspiration from their Ashkenazi Jewish heritage. Their impact on the dance community is reflected in their recognition in encyclopedias, including the Canadian Who's Who, Theatre Dance in Canada, and The Globe and Mail's Best Dance of 2012. The Kaejas have collectively received over 40 awards and nominations, notably the 2019 Dance Ontario Lifetime Achievement Award, the Paul D. Fleck Fellowship for Innovation at Banff, the 2023 Eldred Family Dance Award for exceptional achievement, TAF 2020 Celebration of Cultural Life Award, TD Arts Diversity Award and the American Choreography Award.

Their large-scale works often feature over 15 diverse dance artists from Ontario, as seen in in their works such as Kd’D2, Bird’s Eye View, Stable Dances, Porch View Dances, Flock Landing, Moving Connections, Laneway ART-ery Dances, Just Dance Jane/Finch, TouchX, ICE, XTOD, and SoloDance Xchange. These experiential projects bring joy and a sense of aliveness to both participants and audiences alike. Kaeja d'Dance has made its mark through diverse platforms, from touring and presenting to curating and collaborating.The company unites intergenerational and multi-disciplinary practicing artists, creating a space for original creations and commissions that sometimes blend professionals and everyday participants.


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Photos by: Zhenya Cerneacov and Kendra Epic

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