Residency Program - ONGOING

Sointula Athletic Hall and Finnish Organizational Hall
Sointula, BC


2023/2023 Dance Creation Residencies to date:

Dawn Briscoe

Tara Cheyenne Friendenberg/ Tara Cheyenne Performance

Marissa Wong/The Falling Company

Vanessa Goodman/Action at a Distance

Cristina Bucci

Anya Salsgaard

Rebecca Margolick & Chelsea Edwardson

2021/2022 Dance Creation Residencies:

Alexis Fletcher and Sylvain Senez

Livona Ellis and Rebecca Margolick

Amber Funk Barton

Rebecca Margolick, ML Albert, Sointula Museum and Community

Past Residencies include:

May 2020 - Serge Bennathan and Mary-Louise Albert

October 2019: creation residency & performance for Geoff Berner, TJ Dawe, Jack Garton, Tallulah Winklemen and Toby Berner in Sointula, Malcolm Island leading up to the world premiere of the The Trombonik Returns to New Chelm at the 2019 Chutzpah! Festival

May 2019: Allen Kaeja and Rebecca Margolick- solo remount & performance

April, 2019:  Vanessa Goodman and Tedd Robinson - solo remount

Residency & Performance of work in progress  birds sing a pretty song with dancer/choreographer  Rebecca Margolick, Chuck Wilt, compose/media artist Maxx Berkowitz,

Residency & performances - Shay Kuebler Radical System Art

Residency & Performances - Donald Sales & Dancers

Thank you to the BC Arts Council for funding our Creation Residency Program!

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