Andrea Cranmer

Andrea Cranmer

'Namgis Cultural and Artistic Advisor

Andrea Cranmer (Culture and Wellness Consultant and project teacher)

Ms. Cranmer holds a Cultural and Art BC Teachers Certificate and is the leader and co-founder of the with the T̓,sasała Cultural Group. She has traveled globally with the group coordinates and delivers culture and wellness programs for all ages. She promotes and teaches Kwakwa̱ka̱'wakw history and culture, language, history, traditional values, song, dance and offers cultural classes for all ages to learn about who they are and a sense of belonging. She is committed in particular to a responsibility to share, teach,learn, empower youth so that they are connected to an inner knowing of self.

Her philosophy: “healthy healing, the foundation of change is to re-connect everyone with the wisdom of our Gwayi’lelas (our ways) and teach how to have balance in life with traditional teachings as the guide. To promote healthy communication, promote recognizing feelings, making them mentionable and manageable. Re-connecting everyone with their spirit gifts like humour, love, courage, healing, kindness, visions, forgiveness. I believe in the power of healing, feeling and letting go of old personalities which no longer serves us. Letting go of old trauma and pain. I believe in miracles and everyone has the power to heal and embrace life to the fullest.

Co-owner of Cultural Shock

Co-Founder and Leader of T'sasala Cultural Group

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